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Speech is the 7th grade elective for students in the Modern Media and Communications Magnet.


  • develop the academic skills of research, time management, organization, speech writing, and technology
  • create presentations on topics of their choice, including on a computer
  • practice public speaking
  • learn debate skills
  • learn to self-evaluate
  • critique work by other students and by famous speakers
  • here from guest speakers
  • take field trips
  • access industry mentors

The culminating project is Palms Talks, where students give presentations in the style of TED Talks a school-wide assembly.

Each student presents his or her research findings and deliver their commentary using a motivational style.

Keys to Public Speaking

  • Be aware of speech habits
  • Improve posture, voice, and diction
  • Develop preparation and presentation techniques
  • Learn audience awareness
  • Learn self-awareness
  • Cultivate poise and self-confidence


Speech classes work with TED-Ed, the youth and education initiative of TED, the nonprofit behind TED Talks.

Ted-ED provides a platform for both teachers and students to create and for students to develop their skills.

What Our Students Say

Ms Rothstein’s class is better because it will help me not be afraid to talk in front of 1 million people.
        – Nazir D.

It's more fun than I thought it would be.
        – Kai R.

For speech, I really enjoy talking to friends, and the teacher even lets us listen to music, which is wonderful for me to focus. I also enjoy that there's rarely homework, so it allows us to focus on other classes.
        – Ian D.

Speech class is one of my favorite classes. There are many fun projects and lots of open creativity. Ms Rothstein is a great teacher and cares about her students.
        – Sabrina E.

What I like about speech is how we do different activities each week. Me being in speech helps me face my stage fear.
        – Edna G.


Our Speech teachers include:

Ms. Rothstein