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Teacher's Aide

Teacher s Aide

8th grade students are eligible for two forms of service as electives:

  • Students taking the Office Worker elective help the Palms staff. They may help in the Main Office or in the Counseling Office. They must have prior approval of their counselor.
  • Students serving as a Teacher's Aide help a specific teacher in his or her classroom. They must have prior approval of that teacher. For example, Mrs. Clark may have an opening for a Video Teacher's Aide in her Video Production and/or Investigative Video Production classes.


  • No D's, F's, or U's on the 7th grade Spring report card.
  • An attendance rate of at least 96% in the Spring semester (absent at most a few days).
  • A record of following all school rules and regulations.

Interested students should talk to their counselor and indicate their interest on their Elective Form.

Only certain teachers use Teachers Aides.