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There are over two dozen clubs at Palms. Some clubs meet after school, but most are at lunchtime.

Students can learn about clubs at the annual Club Showcase on the quad in September, from our website, or by contacting club sponsors.

Clubs are first-come, first-served whenever a club or room has a maximum capacity.

Thank-you to the Palms teachers who organize and manage these clubs, making an extra effort to help our students!

After-School Clubs: 2023-2024

Club Rush

In September, club sponsors set up tables in the quad area so students can learn about the available clubs, from Anime Club to YouTube Club, and sign up for the ones they are most interested in.

The Event is called Club Rush.

Past Clubs

These clubs might return if there is enough interest.

  • Art and Expression Club
  • Champs Up! (for boys)
  • Garden Club
  • Gimkit Club
  • Magenta House-Environmental Solutions
  • Puzzle Club