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Universal Studios Hollywood

Universal Studios Hollywood

Eighth Grade Trip ("Grad Night")

Friday, May 3, 2024, 3:00pm to 1:00am

This will be a special evening when Universal Studios is open only to 8th graders from Southern California. The park will not be open to the public.

In past years, eighth grade students have gone to Magic Mountain for their Spring trip. Starting in 2023, they voted for Universal Studios instead.


  • You must wear a Class of 2023 T-shirt or hoodie in order to participate in the Spring 2023 Universal Studios Field Trip.
  • Only a limited number of students (184) can attend. The limit is set by Universal Studios, not by Palms.
  • Students who participate must be eligible according to the 10-week report card. Refer to the Eighth Grade Eligibility page for requirements.
  • Tickets will go on sale on an announced date. Listen to homeroom announcements and watch for messages in Schoology.
  • Students may pick-up Universal Studios permission packets from the 8th grade counselor during break or lunch, starting on an announced date.
  • There are NO replacement packets if you lose yours.
  • If students will be able purchase tickets at the Student Store (this may or may not the case), each student must have:
    • 8th Grade Student I.D.
    • Payment
    • Signature pages from the permission packet
  • If a student is ineligible according to the 15-week progress report, they will lose their seat and have their money refunded. The first student on the waiting list will be given the ticket instead.
  • Parents with questions should contact the 8th grade counselor.


Students may pick up Permission Packets from the 8th grade counselor once tickets go on sale.

Tickets are $100.

Ticket sales close when buses are filled or on an announced closing date, whichever comes first.

You must buy a ticket at Palms even if you have a Universal Studios annual pass.

Students will receive their actual ticket as they exit the bus at Universal Studios.

Field Trip Schedule

The trip will begin when school lets out at 3:00pm. Students will be given a snack and then ride the buses to Universal Studios. There will be four buses, each with 2 or 3 Palms staff members. Parents may not take students to Universal Studios or back. All students must ride the buses.

The buses will return around 1:00am and students should be picked up no later than when the buses arrive. Please do not honk horns, as our neighbors will be sleeping.

Palms staff members will chaperone the trip. Palms parents cannot be chaperones. Chaperones will check off students each time they enter a bus.

Students should have some spending money for food or drinks at the park. Cash and bank cards can be used.


Chaperones will walk students into the park. Students will stick together in groups during this event. Students are not to walk by themselves. Students will meet the chaperones at a designated place and time when the evening ends.

In case of emergencies, Universal Studios will contact Palms teachers.

You may have heard stories of people getting into fights at amusement parks, but this has never happened to Palms students, and we've been having amusement park visits for at least a quarter of a century.

Financial Assistance

If a student's family may require financial assistance for the student to participate in 8th grade activities or to purchase Class of 2024 swag, contact Assistant Principal Ms. Prentice or Dean of Students Ms. Fields-Coleman.

Thank You Friends of Palms

Friends of Palms graciously helps to fund this Spring Trip.

Please remember to support FOP when making annual donations!