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Palms participates in Young Storytellers, a Fox Studios program that sparks creative self-discovery through storytelling. For middle school students, it emphasizes that their stories matter and celebrates their unique voices as the ones telling their stories.

These stories can explore a student's goals for the future and the challenges that might stand in their way. As part of this program, students reflect on challenges and unfairness they’ve seen or experienced in their own lives, and work with the group to find nonviolent solutions to these events through metaphor and story.

With the Collaborative Stories and Script to Stage programs, Young Storytellers helps students see their work come to life with the help of professional actors at the Biggest Show.

Biggest Show 2021

The October 2021 Biggest Show was held at the Theatre at The Ace Hotel.

"The Artist," a monologue by Palms student Jade Yates, was read by actor Kelly Marie Tran, best known for her roles in Star Wars and Raya And The Last Dragon.

The Artist by Jade Yates

Jade and Palms teacher Mr. Kim were interviewed onstage by actor Max Greenfield, known for his roles in Veronica Mars, Ugly Betty, Modern Men, and New Girl. They got to do some improv together backstage.

Drawing of Kelly Marie Tran by Jade Yates

By coincidence, Jade had drawn a picture of Kelly Marie Tran, which won last year's Asian American Pacific Islander Art Contest in Mr. Kim's Sixth Grade Leadership class, so Ms. Tran autographed Jade's portrait of her!

Jade Yates and Kelly Marie Tran

Palms Middle School was praised throughout the Biggest Show program, as was 6th grade Leadership student Udodirim Nwosu, honored for a script she wrote while at Playa del Rey Elementary School.

Udodirim Nwosu, Mr. Kim, Kelly Marie Tran, and Jade Yates

Jade’s family thanked Mr. Kim and Ms. Czujko (Jade's Math/Science teacher) for the support Jade received at Palms during the Zoom-based pandemic school year.

Ms. Czujko, Jade, and Mr. Kim