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Students in the Yearbook elective class help produce the Palms yearbook, which is distributed at the end of each school year.

If you have talents in writing, photography, artistry, and don't mind some extra work after school or at home, you can apply to be a member of the Yearbook staff.

Yearbook students take photos around campus, then use computers and a yearbook production website, plus a lot of imagination, to compose pages for the yearbook. The yearbook shows the Palms experience via hundreds of formal and candid photos of their fellow students.

Who Should Take the Yearbook Elective?

Students should:

  • Be creative
  • Enjoy taking pictures
  • Enjoy writing
  • Be comfortable interacting with peers and adults on campus
  • Be wiling to work outside of school hours (to attend games, concerts, and other school events)
  • Be self-motivated and able to meet deadlines

Applying for the Yearbook Elective


Yearbook Applications and Teacher Recommendation Forms can be downloaded below.

  • Applications for the Fall semester must be turned in to the yearbook teacher in March.
  • Applications must be accompanied by the Teacher Recommendation Form.

Ordering the 2023 Palms Yearbook

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See the Yearbook Purchase page.

Yearbook Class

Yearbook students

Some of the students in the Yearbook elective

Yearbook class

Celebrating completion of the 2023 Yearbook