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Why Palms?

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Ten Reasons Your Family Should Choose Palms Middle School

  1. Our excellent academic program, combining our experience with forward-thinking educational techniques and modern classroom technology.
  2. The Palms Gifted/High Ability Magnet's recognition each year as an Excelling Magnet or an Achieving Magnet (the top 2 categories) based on the School Performance Framework (SPF). The consistently high test scores that reflect our success and earned the Palms Gifted High/Ability Magnet recognition as a Model of Excellence.
  3. Palms' status as a WASC-accredited middle school, with certification granted by the Accrediting Commission (ACS) for Schools of the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC).
  4. The broad spectrum of electives, enrichment programs, and extracurriculars we offer.
  5. Our award-winning music program and our many reading and writing programs.
  6. The dedication, skill, and commitment to excellence of our teachers, administrators, and other staff.
  7. The diversity of students in the neighborhood school and its Honors program, the Palms Modern Media and Communications Magnet, the Palms Gifted/High Ability Magnet, and the School for Advanced Studies.
  8. The safe and quiet atmosphere on our campus.
  9. Our highly active and involved parent body and booster club.
  10. The Palms Middle School spirit and pride exhibited by our students.

What Palms Students Have to Say

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We asked 6th, 7th, and 8th grade Palms students what's missing from the list above. They came up with many additional reasons why families should choose Palms for their middle school students.

  1. After-school programs. – Quillen P.
  2. Drama class. – Amir M.
  3. Amazing field trips such as the sailing trips, the eighth grade trip to Washington DC, and other fun extra-curricular activities. – Guy H.
  4. The positive environment at Palms. – Quillen P.
  5. Great ways to exercise. – Amir M.
  6. The Student Store. – Kyle K.
  7. The sense of security. – Quillen P.
  8. The way Palms Middle School challenges the mind and inspires the spirit. ‐ Juan M.
  9. Good friends. – Amir M.
  10. The way teachers treat students.

Here's how Palms students described their teachers:

Very caring about their students. Nice. Great. Friendly. Amazing. Funny. They understand their subjects very well. They keep you well-prepared for upcoming tests. They care about us.

Need Another Reason?

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Palms has an excellent website, full of school information, news, and event schedules!

Want to Learn More?

Explore our website, starting from the Home page or using the Search page, and you'll find more reasons your family should choose Palms Middle School.

Then come to one of the Palms Middle School Visitors Days and see Palms for yourself!

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