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Students of the Month 2022-2023

Student of the Month certificate

Each month, Palms faculty and staff select a student from each grade who they feel excels in and out of the classroom, including for extracurricular activities.

Leadership students visit each winner's homeroom and award them a certificate, a backpack, a Palms bag, and a medal. We're very proud of our Students of the Month!

February 2023

See us in the February Students of the Month video!

6th Grade: Miles Aaronson

Miles Aaronson

Favorite Subject: History

Best Palms Memory: Making new friends on the first week of school

Interests: Podcasts, deep questions, etc.

Heroes: Ruth Bader Ginsburg

7th Grade: Natalia Romero

Natalia Romero

Favorite Subject: Math

Best Palms Memory: Meeting my peers

Interests: Books and plants

Heroes: My mom

8th Grade: Amaya Holland

Amaya Holland

Favorite Subject: Theater

Best Palms Memory:  The Black History field trip

Interests: Dance, building cars, recording music

Heroes: My family

January 2023

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6th Grade: Alessandro Greco

Alessandro Greco

Favorite Subject: History

Best Palms Memory: Campaigning for Henry Hefler for Sixth Grade Treasurer

Interests: Eating pasta and watching "America's Got Talent"

Heroes: My mom

7th Grade: Lukah Hakman

Lukah Hakman

Favorite Subject: History

Best Palms Memory: Eating lunch and playing music with my friends

Interests: Soccer and music

Heroes: Luka Modrić

8th Grade: Samia Kilpatrick

Samia Kilpatrick

Favorite Subject: English

Best Palms Memory: All the days spent with my friends

Interests: Art, baking, and gymnastics

Heroes: Frida Kahlo

November 2022

See us in the November Students of the Month video!

6th Grade: Milton Paugh

Milton Paugh

Favorite Subject: History and Music

Best Palms Memory: Starting a book club

Interests: Books and literature

Heroes: Mom and Dad

7th Grade: Sofia Malykont

Sofia Malykont

Favorite Subject: Speech

Best Palms Memory: My last day of 6th grade

Interests: Watching TV, drawing, and spending time with my friends

Heroes: All of my friends

8th Grade: Zara Syed

Zara Syed

Favorite Subject: Art

Best Palms Memory: I joined the Palms flag football team and we won the championship game.

Interests: Watching TV, reading, drawing, and going to the beach

Heroes: My dad

October 2022

6th Grade: Alyssa Nishio

Alyssa Nishio

Favorite Subject: Robotics and P.E.

Best Palms Memory: Field trip to Griffith Park

Interests: Writing quick writes, games, music, and drawing

Heroes: My mom and older sister

7th Grade: Andres Flores-Seo

Andres Flores-Seo

Favorite Subject: Math

Best Palms Memory: Playing 24 in Ms. Shimizu's class

Interests: Soccer

Hero: Lionel Messi

8th Grade: Sarah Khansefid

Sarah Khansefid

Favorite Subject: Science

Best Palms Memory: Getting first place in all of LAUSD for the FTC (First Tech Challenge) 2021-2022

Interests: 3-D modeling, making blueprints, programming 

Heroes: My cousins

September 2022

6th Grade: Alyvia Anderson

Alyvia Anderson

7th Grade: Victoria Gonzalez

Victoria Gonzalez

8th Grade: Jeevana Doddi

Jeevana Doddi