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Students of the Month 2020-2021

Student of the Month certificate

Each month, Palms faculty and staff select a student from each grade who they feel excels in and out of the classroom, including for extracurricular activities.

Leadership students visit each winner's homeroom and award them a certificate, a backpack, a Palms bag, and a medal. We're very proud of our Students of the Month!

April 2021

6th Grade: Alyssa Ferrufino

Alyssa Ferrufino

7th Grade: Dylan Guerra<

Dylan Guerra

8th Grade: Karen Cruz-Hernandez

Karen Cruz-Hernandez

March 2021

6th Grade: Briana B Morales Lopez

Briana B Morales Lopez

7th Grade: Tyler Maurer

Tyler Maurer

8th Grade: Ridhima Arora

Ridhima Arora

February 2021

6th Grade: Jayelle Walker

Jayelle Walker

7th Grade: Lucie Demmer

Lucie Demmer

8th Grade: Ana Carolina Rocha

January 2021

6th Grade: Jeevana Doddi

Jeevana Doddi

7th Grade: Ahmad Alrifai

Ahmad Alrifai

8th Grade: Koshik Kumaravel

Koshik Kumaravel

November 2020

6th Grade: Deborah Orogbemi

Deborah Orogbemi

7th Grade: Logan Scott

Logan Scott

8th Grade: Daniel Espana Pacheco

Daniel Espana Pacheco

September 2020

6th Grade: Chloe Hovorka

Chlor Hovorka

7th Grade: Dhakaili Hill

Dhakaili Hill

8th Grade: Alondra Cadenas-Gutierrez

Alondra Cadenas-Gutierrez