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Students of the Month 2019-2020

Student of the Month certificate

Each month, Palms faculty and staff select a student from each grade who they feel excels in and out of the classroom, including for extracurricular activities.

Leadership students visit each winner's homeroom and award them a certificate, a backpack, a Palms bag, and a medal. We're very proud of our Students of the Month!

April 2020

6th Grade: Asma Shabeeb

Asma Shabeeb

Favorite subject: Math

Best Palms memory: Meeting my best friend

Interests: Swimming, reading books, talking to my friends

Hero: My mom

7th Grade: Leslie Juarez

Leslie Juarez

Favorite subject: Science/Health

Best Palms memory: Participating in Run4Fun

Interests: Drawing, soccer, swimming, baking

Hero: My teachers, for teaching me the skills I need to be successful

8th Grade: Daniel Lopez Bautista

Daniel Lopez Bautista

Favorite subject: History

Best Palms memory: 8th Grade field trip to Sony Studios in Culver City

Interests: Soccer, videogames

Hero: Lionel Messi and Thom Yorke

March 2020

6th Grade: Marshall Ginsberg

Marshall Ginsberg

Favorite subject: Math

Best Palms memory: First day

Interests: Reading

Hero: Bill Gates

7th Grade: Nasir Aliu

Nasir Aliu

Favorite subject: Math

Best Palms memory: Being welcomed into Junior Leadership

Interests: Messing with computers, Computer Science

Hero: Bill Gates

8th Grade: Danika Pienkos

Danika Pienkos

Favorite subject: History

Best Palms memory: Last day of seventh grade

Interests: Kickboxing, reading, hanging out with friends

Heroes: My friends

February 2020

6th Grade: Micaela Becerra

Micaela Becerra

Favorite subject: Math

Best Palms memory: Watching all of the Band and Choir performances

Interests: Pokemon, soccer

Hero: Mom

Mical Cohen

Favorite subject: All

Best Palms memory: Playing guitar in front of people for the first time with my choir

Interests: Music, volunteering

Hero: Rita Levi-Montalcini

8th Grade: Eric Sandoval

Eric Sandoval

Favorite subject: P.E., elective

Best Palms memory: Winning this award and joining Video Production

Interests: Soccer, video games

Hero: My mom