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Strings is the beginning strings class. This class focuses on string instruments (not including guitar).

Any student may take this class, where they can learn to play a string instrument. No audition is required. Strings is the training class for Orchestra.

The instruments are

  • violin
  • viola
  • cello
  • double bass

string instruments

Many students start Strings before deciding which instrument to play. After learning about each instrument, hearing it demonstrated in class, and trying some themselves, students pick the instrument they are most interested in.

Free instruments are provided to students. Sometimes the choices of instruments are limited by the number of school instruments available or the need to balance the sections.

Strings performs at the Winds & Strings Concert in the Spring to show off what they've learned in a daytime assembly for 6th grade students and an evening concert for family members.

Winds & Strings Open House

The Winds & Strings Open House is held during school hours on a day in the Fall semester. Parents of students in Strings class are invited to hear their students play.


"My favorite part is learning to play an instrument."
          – 7th grader Maya V.

Take a "Bow" if You Know This

Which type of hair is used for violin bows?

  • Camel hair
  • Cat hair
  • Horse hair


Many people consider Itzhak Perlman to be the best violinist today!