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School Statistics

School Accountability Report Card

Every California school publishes an annual School Accountability Report Card (SARC), created by the California Department of Education, using data from the current school year.

You can view or download the Palms SARC here. If you want a printed copy, contact Title I Coordinator Ms. Cohen.

Enrollment (2023-2024)

Enrollment by grade level

boys and girls

ethnic groups

Category Number of students
Socioeconomically Disadvantaged Students 830
Students with Disabilities 128
English Learners 67
Homeless Students 7
Foster Youth 4
Migrant Students none

Average Class Size (2022-2023)

average class size

Textbooks (2023-2024


Facilities (2023-2024)

Category Rating
Systems: Gas Leaks, Mechanical / HVAC, Sewer Good
Electrical: Electrical Good
Interior: Interior Surfaces Good
Cleanliness: Overall Cleanliness, Pest / Vermin Infestation Good
Restrooms / Fountains: Restrooms, Sinks / Fountains Good
Safety: Fire Safety, Hazardous Materials Good
Structural: Structural Damage, Roofs Good
External: Playground / School Grounds, Windows / Doors / Gates / Fences Good
Overall Rating Exemplary

Chronic Absences (2022-2023)

chronic absences

Suspensions and Expulsions (2022-2023)

suspensions and explusions

Growth Over Time

In 2013, Palms Middle School was one of only six middle schools in all of LAUSD to have an Academic Growth Over Time ranking of "Far Above Predicted" three years in a row.

English Learners

LAUSD classifies students as English Learners (EL) based on their enrollment language survey and results of the California English Language Development Test (CELDT).

LAUSD reclassifies EL students as Reclassified Fluent English Proficient (RFEP) when specialized language and academic support services are no longer needed for success in the mainstream educational program.

For details, download the LAUSD English Learners Master Plan.

English Learners 2014-2019Native Languages of English Learners 2018-2019

2018-2019 Language Percentages, Grades 6-8

Palms ELA percentages LAUSD ELA percentages L.A. County ELA percentages California ELA percentages

Start of School

LAUSD surveyed parents for their preferred start-of-school date, releasing the results in January 2016. Parents in Local District West preferred a start after Labor Day, and so did a plurality of parents across the district, but LAUSD still opted for a mid-August start to the school year.

Reasons often given for starting school in August include the ability to finish the Fall semester before the winter break, and better student preparation for state assessment tests in the Spring.

2016-01 start of school survey