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School-Parent Compact


The School-Parent Compact is an agreement among a Palms student, the student's parent(s) or guardian(s), and Palms Middle School, as they share responsibility for the success of the student's education.

Each year's Compact is released in the Fall semester.

Students pledge to:

  • Bring necessary materials to class.
  • Complete their homework.
  • Follow the Code of Conduct.
  • ...and other responsibilities

Parents pledge to:

  • Provide quiet study time at home.
  • Know how their child is progressing.
  • Supervise a student's TV time and Internet use.
  • ...and other responsibilities

Palms Middle School pledges to

  • Create a welcoming and positive learning environment.
  • Maintain ongoing communication with parents.
  • Talk with students and parents about the school's mission and vision.
  • ...and other responsibilities

The School-Parent Compact is mailed to all parents and can also be downloaded below. Students and parents are asked to sign and return the compact.

Download the 2023-2024 School-Parent Compact