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Responsible Use Policy

The school district's Responsible Use Policy governs student use of school computers and the Internet, including email, instant messaging, and social networks. Every student and parent must agree to this policy, sign the policy statement (which the school keeps on file), and observe the rules of the policy.

Be sure to read, sign, and return the Responsible Use Policy notice in your Registration Packet.

The document was updated in 2023. Download it in English or Spanish below.

Tips for Internet Safety

  • Students under the age of eighteen should access LAUSDnet accounts outside of school only if a parent or legal guardian supervises their usage at all times. The student’s parent or guardian is responsible for monitoring the minor’s use.
  • Students shall not reveal on the Internet personal information about themselves or other persons. For example, students should not reveal their name, home address, telephone number, or display photographs of themselves or others.
  • Students shall not meet in person anyone they have met only on the Internet.
  • Students must abide by all laws, this Acceptable Use Policy, and all District security policies.