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recycling symbolRecycle your aluminum cans and plastic bottles; send them to school. Sixth Grade Leadership students use this recycling program to help fund the Topsail Voyage.

Parents can send recyclables to school with students, who can drop them off near the 6th grade bathrooms or at the blue recycling container on the back side of the auditorium.

The Palms ink cartridge-recycling program was suspended due to difficulties in finding an appropriate recycler, but in the interest of environmental responsibility a parent is welcome to revive the program. Any money raised will go to Friends of Palms to fund school programs. Contact Friends of Palms if you are interested.

E-Waste Event and Fundraiser

e-waste event

Sixth Grade Leadership, in conjunction with with the Los Angeles Conservation Corps, offers to dispose of your E-waste in a socially and ecologically responsible way. E-waste events also raise money for our annual sailing trip.

E-waste Collection

Date to be announced

8:00am to 2:00pm

Teacher's parking lot


Download sample flyer

Fall Recycling Contest

pizza slice

The Fall Recycling Contest is a contest among the sixth grade homerooms.


Contest Dates

Begins: October date to be announced

Ends: October date to be announced


The homeroom that brings in the greatest number of plastic bottles or aluminum cans will win a pizza party!

recyclable bottlerecyclable can

Recycling Centers

The rePLANET Recycling Centers, including one in our neighborhood, closed in August 2019. Let us know if you know of other neighborhood recycling centers.