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Library Events

Students use the library for reading, researching, studying, browsing, and checking out books, for quiet group work, and to get homework help. Students come for class lessons in the library and to do research.

The library features and supports the following events and programs (click or tap for more information):

Library Garden

The Library Garden is a patio on the side of the Library. Shady trees and covered tables make it the perfect place for relaxing get-togethers and other events, including Visitors Days and the Volunteer Celebration.

Library garden

Los Angeles Public Library Summer Reading Challenge

The L.A. Public Library (LAPL) lets students enjoy reading while earning prizes during the summer.

Sign up at

For Summer 2024, you get a tote bag and a book just for signing up between June 10 and August 10. Prizes for completing the reading challenge include a journal, a Schoology badge, and a chance to win Target gift cards, an iPad, or membership in the Los Angeles Zoo, the Huntington Gardens, the Discovery Cube, the Los Angeles Natural History Museum, or the Long Beach Aquarium!

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