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Mr. Westhoff

Honors English 7 and 8 - Room 112

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Welcome to Mr. Westhoff's 7th or 8th grade Honors English class!

Meet the Teacher

I've been a teacher since 2005, and at Palms Middle School since 2015. I have worked in three different LAUSD schools, teaching all middle school and high school grades.

I studied Literature, Creative Writing, and Education in college, earning a BA, MFA, and a California Teaching Credential. I’m also a National Board Certified teacher.

Class Schedule 2023-2024

Period Class
1 Honors English 8
2 Conference
3 Honors English 8
4 Honors English 8
5 Honors English 7
6 Honors English 7



Chess Club

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Chess Club meets every day during lunch in Room 112. Food is allowed. Participants will be given a hall pass. All students are welcome. No experience is necessary.