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There are two health classes at Palms: a 6th grade elective and a 7th grade required class.

7th Grade Health

Health//Life Science is a required class for 7th graders, with one semester of Health and one semester of Life Science.

The Health class curriculum is based upon the California State Health Framework, with a focus on human body systems. Students study basic biological science, then the body systems specific to health issues of young adults. Parents receive letters regarding lessons on the human reproductive system.

In Life Science, students learn to appreciate the wonders of life, especially their own life.

See 7th Grade Courses and Electives.

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6th Grade Health Elective

The sixth grade Health elective is in the General Elective in some (not all) school years.

This 10-week class covers three health categories:

  • Mental and Emotional Health
  • Social Health
  • Physical Health