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Choose Palms Contest

In the Choose Palms Contest, we asked students to name reasons that families should choose Palms for their middle-school students, with reasons that weren't already on our Why Palms? list. The suggestions from students helped us double our list from 10 reasons to 20 reasons.

Grand Prize

The grand prize winner was Guy H., a 6th grader who receives a gift card donated by Sixth Grade Leadership for this submission, which perfectly fit the contest rules:

"The chance to participate in amazing field trips such as the sailing trips, the eighth grade trip to Washington DC, and other fun extra-curricular activities."

Other Winners

Other students receiving prizes for their suggestions:

"Palms Middle School challenges the mind and inspires the spirit."

Juan M., 8th grade

"From the first time I stepped foot on campus for the Camp Palms orientation I knew I would be ok. The environment has been very positive. The staff is always willing to help and the sense of security that I have gotten from everyone is irreplaceable. I am to the point that I am very comfortable moving on to high school, thanks to all the positive influences that everyone has planted in me. The reason Palms is so highly regarded is because of the staff and teachers and the community that supports it."

Quillen P., 8th grade

"Palms Middle School is one of a kind. There are lots of reasons why I went to Palms. Here's a brief list:

  • Good friends
  • Drama every day
  • Amazing teachers
  • All teachers are nice and funny to students
  • Nice ways on how to teach
  • Friendly staff
  • Great ways to exercise

Every single family in L.A. should come here and see what's going on at school. Studens can learn... really well!"

Amir M., 7th grade

"Families should choose Palms for their middle school student because of the amazing music department. Those who already play an instrument are eligible to try out for one of the three advanced classes (Gold Band, Blue Band, and Orchestra). If a student doesn't play an instrument but is interested in playing one, they can start in a beginning class (Beginning Strings and Beginning Winds), where they can choose an instrument and learn how to play from the very beginning, and advance over time."

Hayley F., 8th grade

"Palms is a great school because the teachers keep you well-prepared for upcoming tests. They don't leave you hanging. They care about us."

Cierra B., 7th grade

"The teachers understand their subjects very well and are very caring about their students."

Veronica R., 8th grade


Contest winners received a contest certificate, a prize from our prize collection, and their contest entries became part of our website!

contest prizes

Prizes included Popsicle makers, Yo-Yos, fancy pencils, fancy paper, crazy erasers, Slinkys, and a $10 gift card donated by Sixth Grade Leadership.

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