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Chess Club

All student are welcome to come to Chess Club. No experience is necessary.

There are chess beginners as well as Chess Masters who like to teach chess to others. Everyone learns by playing chess and having fun.

Students do not have to attend every meeting, but must play at least one match a week to stay in the Competition Ladder.

Each student has a win-loss-draw record and has a position on the Competition Ladder. Here's how it works:

  • All new players are placed at the bottom of the ladder.
  • If you beat a higher ranked opponent, you move up the ladder.
  • If you lose to a lower ranked opponent, you move down the ladder.

Chess Club has periodic tournaments, with brackets based on Competition Ladder positions, NCAA style. During tournaments, Chess Club may meet every day.

Club Meetings

We meet on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at lunch in Room 112.

Food is allowed.

You may not go in and out.

Participants will be given a hall pass.

Do You Have Spare Chess Pieces?

chess pieces

Chess Club sometimes loses pieces from our chess sets.

Donations of chess pieces or chess sets are welcome!