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Art in the Afternoon

Art in the Afternoon is a free after-school class for Palms Middle School students interested in a directed, hands-on art experience.

Classes are from 3:06pm to 4:06pm on Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays. There are no classes on Tuesdays, holidays, or shortened days. There are no late buses for this program.

Classes are taught by art teachers Ms. Goldin (Room 162) and Ms. Purdy (Room 165).

The program culminates with a wonderful Art Show in the library, attended by our resident artists, their families, friends, faculties and members of the community. Attendees are also treated to musical performances from members of our band and orchestras!

Spring 2024 Art in the Afternoon

Applications for the 2024 Art in the Afternoon program are available in the Room 162 and Room 165 during Break. Classes begin Wednesday, January 17, 2024.

Spring 2024 Art in the Afternoon Application

The application must be signed by students and parents, and students must commit to attending all classes. Space is limited, and students will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis.

Example: See an application from a previous year.


The Art in the Afternoon program is generously sponsored by Friends of Palms.

End-of-Year Art Show

At the end of the semester, student artists in our Art in the Afternoon elective exhibit their artwork at a "juice and cheese" reception in the School Library. All Palms families are invited. There is live chamber music and a lucky numbers auction to raise money for the arts at Palms.

Please join the resident artists from our Art in the Afternoon program to view their work and enjoy classical music performed by band and orchestra students.

Parents: Please contact Friends of Palms if you can help coordinate the Art Show and Reception.

Artist: Jesiah Shoate

art by Jesiah Shoate
Photo used with permission.

Artist: Petra Schaaf-Grisham

art by Petra Schaaf-Grisham
Photo used with permission.

2023 Art Show

portrait 3