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Ms. Apenyo

English and Ancient Civilizations 6 - Creative Expression - Room 54

Welcome to Ms. Apenyo’s class!

I teach 6th grade English, History, and Creative Expression, and I’m looking forward to an exciting, enriching, and enjoyable year with you.

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Class Schedule 2023-2024

Period Class
1 English 6
2 Ancient Civilizations 6
3 Honors English 6
4 Honors Ancient Civilizations 6
5 Creative Expression
6 Conference


Ms. Apenyo

In English Language Arts, students will focus on reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills. Students will analyze and publish a variety of narrative and informational texts.


In History, students will explore the history, geography, economics, and civics of ancient civilizations from around the world. Students will use historical thinking skills to make connections from past societies to the present.

forms of communication

In Creative Expression, students will gain knowledge and practice in various types of media. Students will hone their use of technological apps and understand how mass communication can be used to influence society.