May Issue of Palms Press

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Articles in Palms News Volume 1 Number 8 (May 2024):

  • Is i-Ready Ready to Disappear?
  • Preparing for Culmination Day
  • Ballet Folkl√≥rico
  • Late Night for Grads
  • Teacher Spotlight
  • Summer Vacay at Disneyland
  • New Ride Coming to Universal
  • An 8th Grader's Parting Advice
  • Into the Storage Room: Palms Middle School's Past, Present, and Future
  • Moon Bowls Packs a Punch with Savory Comfort in a Bowl but Lacks Consistency
  • Elective Detective
  • Is Driving Cheating or Embarrassing in Football?
  • Just Ask Julianna
  • Roblox
  • Smile PreCure: America Was Not the Cure
  • Straight from the Vault
  • Horoscopes
  • Hidden word puzzle
  • Becoming a Graduate

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