February Issue of Palms Press

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Articles in Palms News Volume 1 Number 5 (February 2024):

  • Valentine's or Doing Time?
  • Victory for Scorpions & Circuits
  • Teacher Spotlight: From the East Coast
  • The Mysterious Benedict Soceity
  • Roses Are Read, Violets Are Blue: Find Out Which Love Language is You
  • Black History in Los Angeles: Paul Revere Williams
  • Palms Paparazzi
  • Must Try Local Street Tacos
  • Aaliyah Dana Haughton
  • Movie Review: "National Treasure"
  • The Bermuda Triangle: Myths and Legends
  • 2024: New Me or New Style?
  • Hostile Architecture
  • Just Ask Julianna
  • Top Soccer Players
  • Latin Language Program
  • Connections
  • Which Wonka?
  • Slipknot
  • Color by Number
  • Valentine's Crossword