January Issue of Palms Press

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Articles in Palms News Volume 1 Number 4 (January 2024):

  • Holiday Art Contest
  • Spelling Bee
  • Teacher Spotlight: Palms Alumni
  • Career Day Comes to Palms
  • Behind the Scenes with Stage Crew
  • E-Planes
  • Latest Winter Fashion Trends
  • From In Line to Online
  • Robo-Rides
  • Indigenous People Around the World: The Karapayo
  • Lottery Winner in Palms One Number Shy of Jackpot
  • Makayla's Bakery
  • How to Create a New Year's Resolution
  • Grapes in Hand, Hope in the Air
  • Black History Month Preview
  • How Trin Has Been
  • New News: New York Times
  • Just Ask Julianna
  • The Word of the Year: Rizz
  • Artistic Intelligence
  • Roblox's New Feature: Dangerous or Helpful?
  • Fun Facts!
  • Planet crossword puzzle
  • Top 5 Basketball Players
  • Your Month, Your Sign, Your Favorite Food
  • Comics