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Mrs. Santana

Science 7 - Room 141

Welcome to Mrs. Santana's 7th grade Integrated Health/Science class!

I am honored and excited to be your child’s 7th grade Health/Science teacher. I will thrive to inspire and engage my students to learn. My two main objectives are to help students make sense of the world around them and to instill the wonder and appreciation of life, in particular their own lives. 

With your help, your child can have a successful year. Have your child share with you the exciting things they've learned in class. I'm looking forward to a fun successful school year for your child.

Class Schedule 2023-2024

Period Class
1 Honors Integrated Health/Science 7
2 Honors Integrated Health/Science 7
3 Honors Integrated Health/Science 7
4 Conference
5 Integrated Health/Science 7
6 Integrated Health/Science 7

Academic Grading Scale

100%-90% = A, 89%-80% = B, 79%-70% = C, 69% - 60% = D, 59% and below = F


The following Weighted Scoring Guides will be used to assess student’s overall academic grade.

Tests and quizzes 60%
Homework and classwork 40%

To receive an “E” for excellent or an “S” for a satisfactory letter grade in Work Habits students must:

  1. Bring the required school supplies daily: Binder paper, two dark ink pens (blue or black), at least two sharpened pencils, eraser, highlighter, color pencils, and a mechanical pencil sharpener. Surprise supply checks will be conducted.
  2. Bring iPad charged to school daily. Follow district’s iPads rules and guidelines. iPads are for academic use only.
  3. Have no more than 3 unexcused tardies per grading period.
  4. Make proper use of class time, pay attention, participate, and follow directions.
  5. Miss no more than 3 classwork or homework assignments. One of the main reasons students miss work is that they forget to submit it.
  6. Check Schoology daily for updates, current grade, due dates, and missing assignments. Classwork and homework can be viewed when your child was absent. It is highly recommended that parents/guardians also check Schoology regularly to assist their child.
  7. Read teacher’s comments of graded assignments. There may be a chance to improve your grade or be given advise towards improving your work next time.
  8. If students have an excused absence, they are given the same amount of days missed to complete their homework. Being absent does not excuse students from an assignment. Students are responsible to visit their teachers for assistance or to make up a test/quiz when they return from their absence.
  9. Turn in work by the due date and time posted. Late work will either have points taken off or may no longer be accepted. If there is a technical issue such as WIFI not working at home, students can submit their homework during homeroom without penalty of losing points.
  10. Homework will NOT be accepted past 10 pm. Parents will be notified if their child is staying up too late doing homework. Students can submit their work the next day with a few points off for being late.
  11. Make sure your assignment submissions are clear, right-side up, and taken perpendicular/straight up. Use Google docs, Google slides for best results. Please only send screenshots of your work, no videos (unless it is a video assignment).
  12. Check that your submissions went through and that you submitted into the correct assignment.
  13. Students’ name, and assignment title must be written on assignments.
  14. Impress your teachers. Don’t do the minimum, do the maximum. You may get extra credit points especially if you need it.
  15. Incomplete assignments will receive an incomplete grade. Make sure you included everything the assignment asks for.
  16. Only submit your assignments through Schoology. Do not email your work.
  17. No Plagiarism, copying others work or from the internet. Both the student copying and student allowing the copying are subject to receive a zero on the assignment.
  18. Students are expected to assist their parents to access their grades on Schoology.

Note If students need help on how to submit their work on Schoology or have other technical difficulties contact your Palms Student Tech Team. They will be stationed in the library or through their website at

To receive a letter grade “E” for excellent or an “S” for satisfactory in cooperation students must:

  1. Quietly line-up single file outside the door before given permission to enter the classroom and walk in quietly
  2. Be in your seat and ready to work before the bell rings or you will be marked tardy. To be ready you must have your materials out (iPad, pencil, paper, eraser, and previous assignment). See #3 in Work habits
  3. Display proper classroom behavior.
  4. Be attentive and be on task during class instruction.
  5. Respect and work well with others in the class.
  6. Respect personal and private property of others and the school. Example: no writing on the table
  7. Raise your hand and wait to be called on, to answer or ask questions. Please: No calling out answers. Allow the teacher to finish giving instructions or pertinent information before asking questions. Questions must be related to the lesson given.
  8. No food, candy, gum or sticky drinks in the school building and classroom.
  9. Allow the teacher to finish the instruction before packing up to leave.
  10. Remain in your seat until you are dismissed by the teacher.
  11. For serious or continuous problem of unsatisfactory behavior, students may be subject to a parent conference and/or a referral to the Dean’s Office.

Assignments will consist of book notes, handouts, lecture notes, labs, and study guides. They will be graded on completeness, neatness, and organization. If an assignment is not completed on time, points will be deducted.

In the event of a family emergency, late work will be accepted without penalty with a note from parents. If a student has an excused absence, it is their responsibility to come in at lunch the day they return to make-up test/quizzes, and get homework assignments. If students miss several days of instruction please contact your student’s counselor to arrange to pick-up students homework.

Tests and quizzes will be given at least once a week. Although testing information will be covered in class, it is encouraged to study at home also. If students are caught cheating or attempting to cheat they will lose points off their test.>/p>

Students are required to use their daily planner to record homework, test dates, and pertinent information. Parents are advised to check their student’s planner and assignments regularly to ensure they are turned in on time, complete, and well done. Parents may request a teacher’s signature in the planner to ensure written information is correct.

Please note: Writing a note in your child’s planner is the best way to communicate with their teachers because they can respond promptly.

Students will be permitted to use the restroom if it is an emergency. Regular usage will not be allowed unless the parent or guardian reports to the nurse of their child’s special need. Students are expected to use the restroom facilities during the passing periods, break, or lunch to avoid missing class time.

  • Check your child’s planner
  • Check your child’s assignments for well done, complete work.
  • Check your child’s progress report regularly
  • Encourage your child to visit their teacher during lunch for help, make- up tests, and get missing assignments.
  • Have your child share with you the exciting things they are learning in Science.
  • We are a team with your support your child can have a successful year.